Kate Jones

Advisory Partner

Kate, a founding partner of Provisor Marketing, spent the first fifteen years of her 25-year professional life with Procter & Gamble where she developed a strong background in sales and marketing. Part of a P&G team that pioneered the practice of understanding, seeking, and establishing business in new channels and new markets, Kate built a powerful skill set around new business development. Leveraging that experience, Kate co-founded Provisor Marketing, LLC, and now works with a variety of clients in exploring, assessing, and qualifying new business opportunities, particularly in the ever-changing US retailing environment.

Throughout her career, Kate has been able to harness the diverse, and typically disjointed sales and marketing activities of companies, and align them to create cohesive, targeted, go-to-market plans. A facilitator and leader, Kate applies customer relationship management principles to all areas of her client’s business, enabling the company to deliver faster results and greater efficiency while lowering costs.

Kate received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University.