Jamie Gronowski

Advisory Partner

Jamie is a veteran in the sales and marketing agency industry with more than 30 years of experience. His career started in Salt Lake City, where he served as the vice president of sales for Kelley Clarke. He then moved to Denver as the vice president of grocery for McFerren, Seakes, and Gustafson (MSG/A). At MSG/A, he climbed ranks to become president and then eventually CEO, until the company was acquired by Acosta. Harnessing what he knew best – the ins and outs of CPG sales – he pioneered Acosta’s Natural/ Specialty Sales Inc department. His market insight and strategic acumen garnered recognition, and he received a promotion to President of Operations. For a number of years, he managed all of Acosta’s operations teams in North America, which was no small feat. He’s best known for being people smart and incredibly attuned to details which ensure that all operations run smoothly.

Jamie is currently the CEO of Gronowski Advisory Services, where he privately consults in the health and wellness space with small CPG companies. Leveraging decades of experience, Jamie brings a wealth of knowledge to Fenwick and a particular understanding of effective market positioning. Inside and outside of work, Jamie takes an interest in the CPG industry. He serves on several CPG boards and contributes to philanthropic board work.